Kotei Season 2009 - A Shred of Doubt

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Kotei Season 2009 - A Shred of Doubt

Message  Moto Yoee le Mar 17 Fév 2009 - 17:06

Sur le site d'AEG, il y a écrit:A new year has dawned for Legend of the Five Rings, and 2009 will be like no other you have taken part in. At AEG, we’ve been scrutinizing what we do, and most of all at what we believe we could do better. Looking back over the last fourteen years, and as we look forward to many more, we saw that we had convinced ourselves of certain things, of sacrosanct themes and traditions and tropes that we felt could never change, or even be allowed to change. The Crab will always defend the Wall. The Phoenix will always be the guardians of knowledge. The major families will always be there. The samurai will always win.

The Empire, in the end, will always be the same.


We’d fallen into predictable patterns, entirely without meaning to do so. At the center, at the core, at the very heart of drama is change, and those sacred axioms we cleaved to as the very foundations upon which Rokugan was built had powdered invisibly to sand. What we felt were the unique and special things about L5R had become the greatest threats to its continued vibrancy. To its being alive.

2009 sees a radical shift in the storytelling of Legend of the Five Rings. Nothing is safe. Your actions, your scope - and we will be affording you more of each - will expand to encompass victory or defeat in ways that may alter Rokugan forever.

The Kotei Season begins in a little over two weeks, and it will set the scene for Celestial Edition and a completely new take on the Mega Game. As sporadic attacks in northern Rokugan explode into full-scale war, you will bear witness to the unthinkable: the first external invasion of the Empire in its history.

But the War of Dark Fire is just the beginning. Of something darker. Of something worse.

In August, at GenCon Indy, Kotei winners and other qualifiers will vie for the Empress’s favor in undertaking a mission essential to the survival of the Empire. But it won’t be anything like you imagine. The Burden of Duty is heavy, and even the worthy may bow beneath it.

Nothing is sacrosanct. Nothing is safe.

The struggle to save the Empire begins this Kotei Season.

Apparemment, ça va barder!
Et il va y avoir du changement.

Bon, on prend les paris sur l'identité des envahisseurs externes? Yodatai? Ebon Daughter? Yobanjin?

Moto Yoee
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Re: Kotei Season 2009 - A Shred of Doubt

Message  Hojyn le Mer 18 Fév 2009 - 8:38

Ouuuuh, je sens que ça va être bien !!! Very Happy

Moi je répète ce que je dis depuis le début : Ebon Daughter et Ivory Kingdoms.

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